Vision Statement

PRO-PARATUS prepares, equips and empowers our youth to become tomorrow’s leaders! PRO-PARATUS cultivates relationships and positive life experiences that will prepare and equip our youth to be positive role models for their peers as well as become effective leaders within our communities.


Our Mission

PRO-PARATUS is defined as Prepare, Ready, Equip, Potential (PREP). PRO–PARATUS empowers youth to maximize their potential and inspires them to lead a purpose filled life. As a result, we call our youth, PREP Delegates.

PRO–PARATUS will assist with the development of positive social skills, increase self-worth, and make a healthy lifestyle their priority. This will provide for our delegates an environment to explore their passions, develop their decision-making skills, learn life lessons and prepare for educational pursuits. Rooted in personal, professional, and spiritual growth, the goal of this organization is to help them understand the importance of taking responsibility for their future, families, and communities while helping them to reach a productive, conscious adulthood.

PRO–PARATUS starts with a Youth Life Plan Retreat that builds trust and prepares our PREP Delegates to embrace the mentoring experience. Then, we provide a variety of resources and educational tools, as well as structure professional mentoring. The goal is to assist them to develop a powerful sense of self.

• Assist in achieving the goals of each respective delegate’s life plan.
• Build on personal growth and success.
• Create a financial portfolio for each delegate.
• Create a positive impact in the community through service projects and activities.
• Create positive, meaningful, and fun experiences for our delegates.
• Expose our delegates to positive environments where they can embrace opportunities.
• Nurture transformation in both the individual and society at large.
• Provide our delegates with a vital sense of belonging.
• Provide our delegates with access to resources necessary to achieve social, academic and economic success.
• Support our delegates on their journey to discover their true potential.
• Teach positive social networking and life skills.

As a result of systematically building a strong program supported by real life experiences and spiritual principles, PRO–PARATUS will create and develop positive results for our PREP Delegates.